Up there, streaming smoke dissects sky

like rivers carve the land,

The past trails, clings to polished wings,

Before wounds seal around the seams

and leave fresh blue within the now.

Through beady eyes inside the pit,

There is nothing but the scuttle

and shuffle of ants in mounds below,

Or the acres of horizon that

define with curving lines, the bubble

something, somewhere, might have blown.

Down here, a great snake of traffic feels like a cage,

Fumes spat from rusting pipes all fight

to rise where eyes fixate on what is flying overhead;

An arrow, a spear of birds in flight

across a canvas, clear and clean and bright,


for the shadow

of the plane.

2 thoughts on “PLANE – A POEM

  1. Good work, love the cadence, the rhythm of your words. The imagery. Glad for the WordPress connection, look forward to reading more of your work as soon as time allows me! Thank you for reading and commenting on my poem, The Pathway.

    Liked by 1 person

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