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Hallam Towers was once Sheffield’s most luxurious hotel; it featured in an advertisement for Ford, was shown off in a movie about how Sheffield was being propelled into the future, and was frequented by celebrities, such as the footballer Pelé. It also looked like this:

Hallam Tower Watercolour

Pretty nice, right? Without trying to sound too much like an annoying commercial, it was opened in 1965, had 136 rooms, 11 floors, employed 150 members of staff, once stated that it “would no longer accept bookings from rock stars unless they promised not to swear in the dining area”, and then, after a few changes of management, closed its doors in 2004. It now looks like this:


Before I withdrew, I attended the University of Sheffield, and had to walk past this real life horror-set every day on my way to lectures. Eventually, my friend Dilbagh and I managed to give ourselves enough of a pep talk to finally make an attempt at entering, which required watching reels of youtube videos and observing how those people got over the wall. Somehow it worked, and armed with a torch and a camera, we made our way into the building.

I will point out right now that I don’t advise you to do the same; the floor is riddled with holes, used needles, and other dangerous miscellaneous goods, it’s pitch-black, full of crumbling fixtures, and is genuinely just a little bit shit scary. Also whilst researching this post, it turns out a Sheffield Uni student died earlier this year by plummeting to his death there. Having said that, it has an incredible view of the city, some amazingly cool street art, and it will probably be destroyed soon. Dil and I didn’t stay for too long, we looked out for the random holes in the floor, and we were in and out within around 20-30 minutes – most of the photos I got were on polaroid, but here are the few I took on my Canon:


I don’t make a habit of exploring abandoned buildings, but when I do, I make sure I’m aware of the best route in and out, and all known dangers I could face – always take a torch, always take your mobile, and tell someone where you’re going – or even better, get them to go with you!

Happy exploring!

Fred x

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