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I’ve just embarked on the first leg of my journey, accompanied by my best friend Jacob and a train carriage that smells remarkably like stale urine. I’m too excited to care. In roughly 6 hours, we will be checking ourselves into our accommodation, throwing our bags down, then running back out to explore the streets of Paris as the evening settles in. We only have three nights before we move on, so it’s important that we get as much done in that timeframe as is humanly possible. Having said that, I’m determined to set a few hours aside to relax and enjoy the fact that we have no responsibilities other than keeping each other alive, which is probably my main aim for the trip.

We have a rough plan to visit the Palace de Versailles, and the iconic gardens that go with it, tomorrow or the day after, and aside from the suggestion of getting a burst of modern art at the Pompidou centre and going to chill out on some deck chairs at Bar Ourcq later on, we’ve tried to schedule as little as possible in the hope of cultivating some spontaneity. Actually, I am absolutely set on going to Shakespeare and Co’s bookshop to get a lifetime fix of literature loving, but as Jacob hasn’t picked up a book since school, it might take some convincing. It’s probably good that he’s with me as it lowers the chance of me spending my entire budget on books I can’t even fit in my bag.

I’m also quite keen to test out how my French language skills have matured, and unlike their wine and cheese, I doubt they’ve got much better with age. It’s the only language I’ve got any chance of getting by with, and I want to at least try and not be the British guy shouting English words at a slightly slower rate and passing that off as an effort. Aside from this, my other aims in Paris are to consume a frightening amount of pastries, write some poems, eat more pastries, take some great photos, and get pissed wearing a beret. Life is good.

If you guys have any suggestions about what we should do, please drop a comment below and I’ll be sure to take a look!

Au revoir!

Fred x


P.S my travel posts will be put on here + my writing can be found here 

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