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AMSTERDAM – Our See, Eat, Visit shortlist.

See – The wonderful architecture and canals; the city looks beautiful at night, too.

Eat – 

Visit – 


HOTEL REVIEW – Hotel City Garden

We’re heading to Berlin as we speak, so I’ll take this time to review the hotel we spent two nights in whilst visiting Amsterdam. This accommodation was beyond our expectations, and we had a really relaxing stay with no major issues whatsoever. If you’re heading to a stag do, the no-smoking rooms and quiet comforts mean this isn’t for you, which makes a relaxing stay for the rest of us. 

The check in process was super quick, but they do require city tax to be paid up front in cash so make sure you’ve got some on you! 

Here are the highlights of the room: 

  • Rates: We booked well in advance and got a cheaper rate, but to book a triple room tonight would be around EUR. 100
  • Beds: Triple room, so three singles, all very comfortable – had a great night’s sleep.
  • Shower:  Powerful but temperamental with temperature (goes super hot too easily)
  • Storage: Absolutely loads, including desk drawers and a tall wardrobe with two safes.
  • A/C: Not used, as they provide a near-silent fan you can position toward the bed, was amazingly effective.
  • Wifi: A little slow in places, but free, and good enough for me to blog/upload photos.
  • Notes: The room was comfortable and spacious enough for the three of us, with all of our bags. Had a kettle with coffee provided, a good bathroom, and lovely beds; only let down is the lack of a mini-fridge. There is, however, a vending machine in the lobby.
  • Staff: The staff were helpful and pleasant, and all can speak English. They had no issue advising other clients with good day-trips and directions.
  • Location: Again, this is a hotel with an outstanding location. You are literally on the doorstep of the Vondelpark, and only 5 minutes walk from the Museumstraat. The furthest we walked was only 30 minutes; if you want to grab some food, smoke, or go shopping everything is pretty nearby.


To conclude, Hotel City Garden is a brilliant hotel for what we were doing, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good night’s sleep in a fantastic location. Book early, and get the best price. We’re going to give it a 4*/5*




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