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Last night was extremely fun; after our 15km walk around Berlin in the day, we were both too tired to consider going to the club night we had planned, and decided instead to sit outside of the local beer kiosk, for what we thought would be a few beers before bed. Six hours later, we had made a new Turkish friend called Bora, and the night became somewhat blurry; whatever happened, we didn’t wake up early this morning, and certainly didn’t want to chase through another strenuous reel of activities. We had to do some laundry, and the receptionist at our hotel pointing us across the street to “Waschsalon”.  Aside from university, I’ve never actually used a laundrette, but this was really nice – after putting a wash on, you can sit in their café and enjoy a cup of coffee and a freshly made panini – a service we took full advantage of. After shrinking most of my clothes (good job I look cute in a crop-top…), we dumped our clothes back in our room and headed for a relaxing day of shopping and chilling.

We’re staying just off “Rosenthaler Street”, which is a brilliant place to browse through independent clothing stores, as well as a few trendy chains. We visited: “Wood Wood”, which stocks a crazy selection of rare and unique trainers; “Carhartt”, to further take advantage of their 50% off sale; “Tommy Hilfiger”, for Jacob to pick up a EUR. 20 t-shirt that he’d fallen in love with; “Urban Outfitters”, which stocks a much cooler selection of clothing than their stores in the UK; “Acne Studios”, a must-go for all you modern fashionistas out there (with free money to spend); “Fred Perry”, to browse through their collaboration with Raf Simons, which was absolutely beautiful; and finally, “Camper”, a contemporary footwear store with a really eye-catching collection. I picked up a few t-shirts from Urban Outfitters, and a dirt cheap shirt from Carhartt, leaving my wallet as happy as I was.

After snacking on some more currywurst at “Curry Mitte”, our new go-to location for cheap and tasty wurst (with fries and a drink of your choice its only EUR. 5.80), we sauntered onto the rooftop terrace bar at the “Circus Hotel”, and enjoyed a view of Berlin’s skyline as we sipped at beers from the honesty bar. Later on, we’re going to grab a cheap burger somewhere, pack our bags for Prague tomorrow, and have an early night. Berlin has been one of my favourite places to visit; it’s a city steeped in blood-curdling history, eclectic and futuristic fashion, and unbelievably friendly people. I’ll upload a review of our incredible hotel in a short while, but if you’re wanting to escape to a never-ending sea of culture and art, this is the place for you.

We’re both looking forward to Prague so much, and would be forever indebted to you guys if you could comment some cool places to see/visit/eat. 

Happy travels;

Fred x




  1. “Currywurst until you hurt…” that’s one way to put it! Glad you enjoyed your time in Berlin; already gave you suggestions on Prague, so here’s looking forward to what you decide to do there! Bon voyage!

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