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I suppose I’m guilty of never really considering Czech Republic when thinking of Europe’s vast treasure trove of beauty, but I can promise you that won’t happen again. Interrailing provides you with a different perspective on a country than if you were to fly there, and rolling through the countryside got us ridiculously stoked for Prague. Everything was magnificent; green forests as far as the eye could see, rivers, fields, and a mixture of derelict castles and rustic farm houses painted every colour under the rainbow. As a country boy who is currently travelling through a lot of cities, it triggered some nostalgia of the Peak District, and I was shocked at my own ignorance of Czech life. 

After getting into Prague, we rushed to get some food at the station, finding it in the form of a small gyoza stand at the exit. We paid CZK. 99 for 6, and they were a perfect little snack before checking into our hotel. We’re staying in the “Old Town”, the entirety of which looks like a Wes Anderson film set (think Grand Budapest Hotel stretching all the way to the horizon). We’ve planned to do everything sight seeing-wise tomorrow, and went for a little wander to take some photos and base ourselves.

The first thing I noticed was that there are churches everywhere. I’m not religious, but I sure love architecture when it comes to holy sites, as they’re usually worked on for years before given the label ‘finished’. Streets burst with colour in every direction, with yellow being a dominant paint choice for most; going down these cobbled roads with a camera has been amazing, and I’m considering returning for an extensive photo trip next year. We popped into a few shops, including “Revolution” , a small skate and surf shop with a good set of shoes on offer, as well as brands such as ‘Vans’ and ‘Thrasher’. 

Next stop was a street food/farmer’s market at “Nám Republicky”, which served giant sausages and beer. We both went for the big sausage buns for CZK. 100, and found them to be delicious, but they are quite literally the size of your head, so unless you haven’t eaten this year, you probably won’t finish them. There was a small stall with a mason making knives and rings, too, which was a lovely thing to witness.

We’ve noticed that there is no such thing as a normal little shop here. Every corner store stocks flick-knives, absinthe, and weed cookies, as well as general drug paraphernalia. It’s odd, but that’s due to Prague having some very liberal, for Europe at least, drug laws – we’re still not entirely sure what the crack is, but there’s about as much pot smoking as there was in Amsterdam, with nobody kicking up a fuss. 

Another turn, another market. This time at “Havelske Trziste” market, which sells mainly fresh fruit and vegetables, but also has stands dedicated to dolls, beer, wine, gloves, paintings, and pretty much everything else you can think of. Restaurants line the sides either way, and it’s a nice place to peruse if you’re filling a few minutes. I sampled some “Trdelnik”, which is essentially a cross between a baguette and a donut, and seems to be a local delicacy here. For good reason, too; I had one fresh from the coals, and with a little vanilla ice-cream and some fresh strawberries, it was bloody divine. 

I hope to try out some proper Czech cuisine in these few days, so boar, deer, goulash, snitzel, strudel, sauerkraut, roast duck, and potato dumplings are all on the menu. I’m also craving a pork knuckle, as I smelled some earlier and it was mouth-watering. 

Tomorrow, we’re seeing the sights and eating delights. Tonight, I’m drinking beer and sleeping. 

Any suggestions for Prague, let me know. We have two more days to fill! 

Fred x


  1. Ooh, absinthe…let me tell you, absinthe in Prague isn’t potent at all, let alone the real stuff: I tried some and it did absolutely nothing for me– funny enough, I heard that “real” absinthe can be found in Paris, although I’ve never tried it there. Otherwise, I commented in the previous post about hiking Petrin Hill for views of the city. Checking out Charles Bridge and Old Town Square at night will offer gorgeous photos. You can also pay to see a classical concert (not very expensive) in the evening, since they are sort of famous in Prague and Vienna. You can also take a day trip to Cesky Krumlov, which has a 14th-century castle or the Bone church in Kutna Hora, since you’ll be in the Czech Republic for a few days. Hope you enjoy!

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    1. Thanks for the advice regarding absinthe, I’ve had a few experiences with it in the past and don’t particularly want to to revisit it – stuff is wacky! Woah, thanks so much, we are definitely wanting to go to Petrin as the views look unreal! Mozart is tonight’s quartet so I might pop in there – means a lot for such great advice, many thanks!

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