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PRAGUE – Our See, Eat, Visit shortlist.

See – The view from St George’s Basilica and the gothic architecture littered through the streets, oh, and the John Lennon Wall is quite cool too.

Eat – Traditional Czech food with live music at “La Republica” & Burgers at “Meat and Greet”. Also a fresh Trdelnik from one of the many stalls in town is a must.

Visit –  Prague Castle and St George’s Basilica, the monument on Vitkov hill, and the amazing farmers markets all through the town.


After our experience in Paris, we weren’t too keen to visit another Ibis and spend three more nights sweating in a tiny room listening to blaring traffic. Luckily, this is a vast, vast improvement in a brilliant location’ you’d struggle to find somewhere right in Prague’s Old Town district for a more reasonable price. Here’s the low-down on the room:

  • Rates: We booked well in advance, but for a twin room tonight it would only be EUR. 80, which is the cheapest we’ve had so far.
  • Beds: Close together, but brilliantly comfy. Extra pillows on request.
  • Shower: Actually wasn’t too bad; the bathroom as a whole was very pleasant and had everything you’d need for a short stay.
  • Storage: Ample. Two wardrobe areas and a small desk were available, as well as a bedside table at each side. 
  • A/C: Was actually the best to date – we cranked it down so much we had to put coats on in the room, so I wouldn’t worry about overheating.
  • Wifi: A bit patchy, but fast when it does connect, and best of all, it’s free.
  • Staff: Pleasant and English speaking.
  • Location: The hotel could have been dreadful and still retained the title of “value for money” for it’s location; we walked 10+km every day, and at no point were we more than 45 minutes from the hotel doors: Museums, shops, markets, restaurants, castles, churches, and architectural prowess unrivalled by much of the world are just outside.
  • Other: “La Republica”. a fantastic Czech restaurant and one bar beer festival (over 50 beverages grace the menu from an eclectic mixture of sources) is directly opposite, and the bar is open 24/7 in the hotel lobby. Breakfast is also served, and I’m assured by one of the guests I spoke to that it’s rather nice, but we didn’t divulge. 

To conclude; this Ibis has managed to bring back it’s name after the bad reputation sourced from Paris, and I’d most definitely stay there again; it’s clean, spacious, and in a phenomenal position. It’s also dirt cheap. If anyone wants any questions answered, just comment below or email me (my address is here). 

We’re giving it a 4*/5*. It was good, but not quite Berlin.



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