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The train journey from Prague to Vienna was somewhat hellish; we were wedged within a huge group of middle aged American women, all of which were drinking copious amounts of wine, and decided that it would be the best time to play their own music through their phones, scream with laughter like some pained banshee, and loudly discuss if penis size really matters. Unfortunately, we pulled into the station before I heard the conclusion to the debate, so don’t look to me for answers. Through a mixture of early rises, improper food, and being way too hot, the travel had taken it out of us, and we spent the first two hours of Vienna on our beds, trying to regain some energy.

Eventually, we woke up enough to go for a walk around the area, finding a food market just out of the door, and a few nice looking restaurants, before crossing the bridge and admiring how wonderful Vienna looks at night. We continued exploring for an hour or so, before hunger got the best of us, and we popped in the first place we walked past: “Café de l’Europe”. I think this place is a chain, as there are others scattered across European cities, but we were beyond caring, and ordered two schnitzels (which is one of my favourite dishes, and I have a list of places to check out that apparently have “The Best Schnitzels”) and two beers. It was actually better than I expected, with the highlight being the potato salad side, but be warned this is a smoking café, and even as a smoker myself I don’t enjoy the smell whilst eating.

We paid the bill (EUR. 23.60 each for a meal and two beers), and tried to find somewhere for a hot drink, ending up at “Bottega del Caffè Dersut” which was fantastic and served super strong coffee (EUR. 5.20 for an espresso and a cappuccino). Yawning, we went to walk back to the hotel, yet as we touched foot upon the bridge, we heard pounding music from below that intrigued us too much to ignore.

Heading down the platform, it turns out we’d stumbled into “Fevertree Gin and Tonic Festival” – which certainly perked me up. There were a handful of tents serving all manner of bespoke street food (kebabs, South Indian curry, hotdogs, tacos, seafood, etc) and an amazing live DJ playing a mixture of house and soul music through the impressive sound system. Gin was flowing in every direction, and it worked through buying chips for the gin at one point, then choosing from their list of over 150 gins at another to get your drink. We spent three hours there, and it was actually the perfect evening for us, as we were too knackered to head out properly and the fresh air kept us awake.

Today, we have quite the day planned, from “St Stephen’ Cathedral” to the “Museum of Military History” we’re going to be on our feet until they start to hurt, so we’re thankful for our relatively good sleep last night. 

Oh, and Currywurst here isn’t as good as Berlin. I’m devastated.

Happy travels!

Fred x



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