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BRATISLAVA – Our See, Eat, Visit Shortlist.

See – Three different countries from the view up Castle Hill.

Eat – Fine Italian at “Gatto Matto”; traditional Slovak with a modern twist at “The Savoy”; and grab a burger or some sous-vide delights at “Korzo”.

Visit – Bratislava Castle and the fantastic Baroque gardens there


The hotels we’ve stayed in so far have been comfortable enough, but only the Radisson has earnt the title of ‘luxurious’. This hotel is wonderful, sleek, and due to its close proximity to the American Embassy and other important sights, houses huge groups of businessmen, ambassadors, and all sorts of other posh gits. We felt a little out of place with our backpacks and sweaty t-shirts, but after seeing the room and the amenities on offer, we couldn’t care less. Here’s the lowdown on the room:

Rates – we got this much, much cheaper due to block booking all of ours about 6 months in advance, but a twin room this evening would be GBP. 179, but leave it a month and its only GBP. 60.

Beds – the first one to rival mine at home, getting out of it in the morning was a real struggle though, so there are definitely pros and cons (we talked about the feasibility of taking it on the train with us, but Jacob said it wouldn’t fit…)

Shower – there was both a shower and a bathtub, and the bathroom itself was spacious and modern. No complaints here.

Storage – I walked in and saw the cupboards and decided I could definitely fit myself in there. I tried. I succeeded. So unless you’ve got luggage taller than 6ft 4” and heavier than a chubby adolescent, you’ll be absolutely fine. The desk was huge, too, which made blogging a much more comfortable experience

A/C – worked quietly and efficiently, unlike our other hotels.

WiFi – Outstanding, I managed to upload three albums in about ten minutes, which is faster than mine at home. It’s also FREE.

Notes – The television was ginormous and offered several English channels, so I no longer have to torture myself to the theme tune of BBC world news; the view from our window was of the castle itself, which was beautiful at night; there’s room service, laundry service, a mini-fridge, and even a bible should you want to say your prayers in Slovakian. Honestly one of the best hotels I’ve stayed in in my life.

Staff – Amazingly pleasant, speak perfect English, and always looking to help you out.

Food – “The Savoy” is attached to the hotel, so the food here is stupidly good. You can even get it delivered to your room if you’re too lazy to go downstairs.

Location – The castle is ten minutes walk away, the shopping district is over a street, and there are seven highly rated restaurants just outside the door (Slovak, Italian, Japanese, American, etc). Perfect.

Checking Out – City tax is required, but check-out is as easy as throwing your key on the counter.

To conclude – I pride myself on my ability to be pissed off at extremely small details, but this hotel has left me without a single, minor complaint. It’s luxurious, comfortable, and in a brilliant location for good food and casual drinks. If you’re heading to Bratislava, you should be heading here; we’re giving it a solid 5*/5*





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