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BUDAPEST – Our Eat & Visit Shortlist.


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Hotel Review – Museum Hotel Budapest

Our hotel in Bratislava, which you can read about here, set the bar so high that we were concerned no matter what Budapest had to offer, it could never be as good. Although the levels of comfort, in regards to our room, were not matched, the Museum Hotel had some unexpected benefits that we were more than happy to be surprised with. Here’s the lowdown on the room:

Rates: We booked well in advance and thus got a far, far cheaper deal, but a twin room tonight would be GBP 77 (HUF. 27,000).

Beds: Quite weird in the way that they were absurdly long and freakily thin, which gave a pencil like feel. I didn’t mind, anyway, as I slept well both nights.

Shower: Tiny but worked, which is more than some of the hotels we’ve stayed in.

Storage: Plentiful – a large desk, wardrobe, and safe were provided, as well as us both having a bedside table. 

A/C: Worked brilliantly and didn’t make a noise, which Jacob considered the highlight of the trip so far (I’m not even sure he’s joking).

WiFi: Free, fast, and strong signals throughout most of the hotel.

Notes: The room was a little small (with a T.V from the early 2000s, not that we minded), and obviously hadn’t been cleaned as thoroughly as we’d liked due to Jacob finding a pair of socks from a previous guest and an ancient aero chocolate bar underneath his bed. There’s a mini-fridge with reasonable prices and the bathroom is, although small, modern and well kept. However, whoever designed them decided to use a glass door on the loo, so that was a bit weird…

Staff: Some of the best we’ve encountered; very helpful, knowledgeable, and pleasant, as well as completely fluent in English. They even carry your bags for you if you wish (it felt a little too butler-ish for us so we didn’t use the service).

Food: We are assured that their buffet breakfast is to die for, yet we didn’t actually get there ourselves.

Location: Pretty damn good. It’s a ten minute walk to the ruin bars and restaurants dotted nearby; there’s a Tesco/Aldi two blocks away; the National Museum is on your doorstep, and the chain bridge is only a 15 minute stroll. 

Checking out: City tax is cheap yet required, and you have to be out of the room by 12. They do, however, let you store your things in a locked room so we didn’t have to carry our bags to have lunch before our train.

Other/Conclusion: This hotel wasn’t the best room, by far, that we’ve experienced, but the free to use sauna, gym, and jacuzzi definitely makes up for it. Be warned, however, that the sauna is a nudist area, which we found out the hard way. The jacuzzi is for the clothed among us, so unless you don’t averting your gaze from an elderly gentleman’s ‘area’ for half an hour, I suggest you stay in the pool. Joking aside, it’s a brilliant facility and was so, so nice to relax in after our day of travelling. I’d stay here again without hesitation. 

We’re giving it a 3.7*/5*.



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