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Zagreb – Our See & Visit Shortlist.

 See –

  • The view from the “Lotrscak Tower” for a 360-degree panorama of the city
  • The fantastic parks that surround “The Art Pavilion” and stretch into the centre of Zagreb

Visit –

Hotel Review – Arcotel Allegra Zagreb

 Our stay in Zagreb surprised us both; we were unaware of the beautiful architecture, vibrant green parks, and cultural significance of this bustling city, and our previous concern that the hotel would be awful couldn’t have been further from the truth. There’s a load of free extras that were greatly appreciated, and the location is convenient in a number of ways. Here’s the lowdown on the room:

Rates ­– We booked extremely early to secure a good rate, but a twin room tonight would be EUR 93 with breakfast.

Beds – really comfy, and due to the size of the room, we were sleeping far away from each other instead of pushed together like a double.

Shower/Bathroom – It’s one of the first hotels we’ve had to offer a bath and a shower, both of which were sizeable and worked fine, and the bathroom itself was clean, modern, and spacious.

Storage – More cupboards than we knew what to do with, a bedside table each, a giant desk, and a safe are all included.

A/C – Powerful and quiet (for once).

WiFi – Absolutely terrible, but remains free. If you need to conduct any actual business/work of importance, you’d need to ensure you could connect to the cable in the room or use the computer in the lobby.

Notes – The mini-fridge in the room is priced at exactly the same as the local shops, meaning you can actually enjoy a drink/snack without worrying it’s going to be 20X what it should be when you go to check-out. The rooms were spacious and modern, and aside from the WiFi problem, I can’t really think of a complaint. In addition, the afore mentioned free amenities include a sauna and gym room, whilst the lobby houses “Joe’s Bar”, serving fantastic cocktails at a reasonable price. There also table football. 

 Staff – Very friendly, speak perfect English, and attentive to your needs. We cocked up and missed our morning train, and they gave us a room to use as we waited for the next one even after we’d checked out. Very impressed.

Food – The room service is cheap as chips, comes near instantly, and is ridiculously tasty. I’d recommend the beef salad and club sandwich (they also let you pay on the door in cash, which was great). The buffet breakfast serves cereal, fruit, sausages, egg, pancakes, breads, meats, cheeses and tea/coffee; for a buffet, it’s really quite good, and even the eggs remained palatable. They have an evening a-la-carte menu that we didn’t have chance to sample, but going on the quality of the room service, I can’t imagine it being bad.

Location – The location of the hotel was so, so handy for interrailing, as it’s literally 2 minutes’ walk from the station. In regards to everything else, such as sight-seeing/restaurants etc, if you walk out of the door and turn left, after five minutes you end up at the “Art Pavilion”. From there, most things are a 10-25 minute stroll, and you can have your pick of good cafés, bars, and dinner spots.

To conclude, Arcotel was only one of many pleasant surprises that Zagreb had to offer, and I can’t wait to head back there at some point in the future. Jacob and I have placed it high on the list of places to revisit, and we’ll definitely be using this hotel. If you’re interrailing, you couldn’t get a better placement near the station, and the free breakfast does your budget some good. We’re giving it 4*/5*.



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