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Venice – Our See, Eat, Visit shortlist.

See –

  • The canals at night if you’re feeling romantic
  • The architectural prowess littered through the city

Eat –

Visit –

  • Murano, the island of glass, for an equally wonderful yet infinitely quieter day.
  • Piazza San Marco to enter “Doge’s Palace”, see the Basilica, and bask in Venetian tradition.

Hotel Review – La Gare Hotel Venezia

 Venice has been our favourite location to date, and it was an absolute shame that we only had one night there. Luckily, I think I’ll be returning with my girlfriend in the not too distant future, but regardless, Le Gare ensured that our single night was one spent in absolute luxury. It’s an incredible place in a unique location; here’s the lowdown on the room:

Rates – We got this much cheaper due to booking way in advance, yet to book a twin room tonight would be EUR. 150

Beds – Absolutely huge, which was heavenly after being cramped into single beds for a month.

Shower/Bathroom – Sleek and modern, with a giant mirror, huge shower-room and a hair drier more powerful than a fighter jet

Storage – Two wardrobes, about 6 cupboards, and two bedside tables. Room has a safe and a mini-fridge too.

A/C – Effective and quiet.

WiFi – Super-fast and completely free; I uploaded three photo albums to my blog in a matter of seconds.

Notes – Okay, so when I said luxury earlier, I meant luxury. The room is more like an apartment; upon entry, you walk into the living room area which holds a giant television with Sky, a mini-fridge stocked with prosecco, and a stupidly comfy sofa. Then, you walk UPSTAIRS, underneath the skylights (which are controlled by a button near the bed), to get to your bedroom. It’s wonderful. I’m staying here again if I have any choice in the matter.

Staff: Near comically friendly; when we checked in, the receptionist shouted “LUIGI WILL ASSIST YOU NOW”, and for the next ten minutes referred to himself in third person and us as “most esteemed of guests”. They also know how to get to every single location in Venice on the water bus routes, speak good English, and are keen to give you the best out of your stay. Fantastic.

Food: We didn’t eat here, unfortunately, as we missed our breakfast time, but from what I can gather it’s decent enough!

Location: There are definitely pros and cons to the hotel being on Murano, not in Venice, but the latter is overwhelmingly outweighed. If you need to get to the station or airport in an absolute hurry, then this probably isn’t best, but it’s a lot quieter and calmer than staying in Venice, and Murano itself is of great historical importance. The hotel has its own water bus stop, which has direct routes to the station, Piazza San Marco, airport, and just about everywhere else you’d want to go, and although hesitant at first to stay off the main area, it was 100% worth it in the end.

To conclude, this hotel is a real unique experience. Glass art galleries are on every floor (so before you get to your room you have the option of chilling in the lounge and admiring it all), the bar serves drinks of the highest quality, the room is basically an apartment, and the staff are the best we’ve encountered so far. I literally can’t think of a single complaint, so we’re giving it a 5*/5*.



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