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I’ve never written a list like this before, and I’m relatively new to this blogging lark, but some of these guys have made me feel right at home, others have inspired me, and the some are just bloody fun to read through. These are in no particular order at all, so I’m not comparing them against each other, it’s just a list of blogs I’m enjoying at the moment because I think they deserve some more recognition.

  1. THE FINICKY CYNIC – According to her bio, she’s actually a penguin, but regardless of whether or not that’s true, this particular cynic writes engaging travel posts, blogs about important life events, and writes some amazing creative writing. Her recent short story, entitled ‘Lost and Found’, is one of the best ones I’ve read on WordPress so far, so if you’re into that sort of thing, you can read it – here. 
  2. HARSH REALITY – Honest to the core, hilarious, and at some times heartfelt (although he did recently mention his fondness of attacking people with pans), Jerry at Harsh Reality writes what’s on his mind, whether you like it or not. I’ve not stumbled across anything similar to his page in my time here, and I doubt I ever will; he’s brave enough to speak his mind, and that’s a pretty cool thing to see. One post that really made me think is a recent one on the topic of money, which I’ll link – here.
  3. REBECCA GOES RENDEZVOUS – Rebecca’s blog is really quite fantastic; she combines travel writing (by travel writing I mean she has literally been to more amazing places than I’ll ever go, so to live out these experiences through her reflections is a pretty cool thing) and poetry, which is a mixture that’s hard not to love. My favourite poem of hers is ‘Postcard’, which you can read – here
  4. EYES PLUS WORDS  – Created by the talented Jacob Ibrag, Eyes+Words is a community of supportive creative writers sharing talented work. There are a vast number of poems and short stories to read through, so do what I did and melt into your armchair and spend a few hours browsing through, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. They also accept contributions if you’re into that kinda thing! 
  5. MILLY SCHMIDT – This is one of those pages that has pretty much everything, and Milly is such an entertaining writer of an eclectic variety of genres. I love her posts about life as a writer, and invaluable advice for aspiring authors (such as approaching publishers etc) – she’s also bat shit crazy about cats, so there’s probably a few of you out there too. Her short story ‘Two Weeping Willows’ is awesome, dark and violent. Read it – here

There are loads more that I love to read through, but it’s getting late here in Rome and I’ve got a bottle of wine waiting for me downstairs. I hope you find these as enjoyable and rewarding as I did, and urge you to check them out as soon as you can!

Fred x 


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